Insurance Verification

At Pax House, we can accept a number of different insurance plans for those who would like to enroll in our recovery program. The cost of treatment may be covered by full or partial payments depending on your individual insurance plan and the coverage they provide. It is necessary to determine the extent of your coverage through an insurance verification form prior to enrollment as benefits will differ according to each plan. Filling out an insurance verification form can help us find the extent of your coverage so that we can either accept your full payment up front or partial payments through your insurance benefits.  When a patient’s insurance does not cover the full payment, they can provide a deposit or copayment if out of pocket maximums have not been met or their insurance only offers limited coverage for our recovery services. If your insurance does not cover our services at all we can sometimes obtain a single case agreement with your insurance provider to cover the cost as you complete our recovery program. At Pax House we work to ensure that those in need of recovery can afford our treatment and benefit from our services.

Enter Insurance Information

Contact Person Once Verification is Complete

Either an email or primary phone will be required in order to contact you.

Pax House fully complies with HIPPA regulations and will only contact you regarding confidential health matters in ways that you explicitly authorize. Providing us with the above contact information authorizes Pax House to contact you via that method. The more methods of contact that you provide, the more quickly you will get an answer. For your own privacy, choose the method of contact least likely to be checked by other parties. Once you have submitted this form you are explicitly authorizing us to use the information you provide to contact your insurance company in order to verify your eligibility for insurance benefits to cover the cost of treatment. The above information you supply will also be used by an Admissions Counselor at Pax House to provide you with a number of treatment options. Under no circumstances will your confidential information be shared with third parties or used for any other purpose than stated herein.