Pax House: Los Angeles Substance Abuse Programs

Looking for a reputable and effective Los Angeles substance abuse program? In-patient or residential and outpatient services define the two main categories of substance abuse programs. At Pax House, we offer one of the best Los Angeles substance treatment programs available to lead you on the path of health and freedom. The length of the program is between 30-90 days, a period stipulated after extensive evaluation by the clinicians.

Pax House offers both short and long-term residential treatment for recovering adult addicts based on the severity of the addiction, among other factors; the clinicians may also recommend outpatient treatment as the most optimal option for a patient. For patients leaving residential treatment, an outpatient treatment program is advisable to provide a continuum of care. Both options are deeply rooted in the 12-step program, placing it as a top-choice of effective Los Angeles substance abuse treatment programs.

Strong Support System and Treatment Programs Tailored to Your Unique Needs

The dominant approach used is motivational interviewing, a technique tailored to help patients realize the potential impact of their behavior and action while remaining non-confrontational and void of judgment. A licensed and certified staff designs and tailors a treatment schedule aimed at introducing a positive change in the individual, providing support through the recovery process and preparation for life after treatment. This program also uses interactive education groups that equip the patients with the necessary information and resources to guide their recovery process and understand the harm that drug and substance abuse poses, which minimizes the risk of relapse.

A Brighter Future Awaits You After Your Stay at Pax House

Substance abuse treatment can be intense and with the provision for family groups and group psychotherapy sessions, each patient receives the motivation and support to go through each phase successfully. The patient can, with hope, look to a future without drugs or a habitual abuse of substance.

Any persons looking for an effective Los Angeles substance abuse program can call Pax House for a free, confidential and comprehensive assessment. Signing up for the program is the first step that marks the start of a patient’s journey towards recovery, rehabilitation and a new life.

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