Would You Recommend Pax House?

Transcription From Video: I would recommend the substance abuse treatment program at Pax House to other people with substance abuse or addiction problems. The people at Pax are really helpful and display empathy, not sympathy. They truly understand what you are going through, and what you’ve been through. There are people here that have gone through recovery before you, which provides the opportunity to learn from others who know the tough path of recovery, so that you do not fall as hard from your mistakes. Pax House imparts a really comfortable environment, and the treatment here has helped me tremendously. I was only here for 30 days, and in those 30 days, I was able to distance myself enough from my active addition to figure out the course I wanted to take in my life. That has been a tremendous help, and it is the people here that have supported me in my recovery to do just that.